Leave The World With Minimal Impact When You Plan a Green Funeral in NJ

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When your life on this world ends, what sort of impact will you leave? If you plan a green or natural funeral in New Jersey, you can reduce the impact on the earth. At our funeral home in Newton, NJ, we have helped hundreds of families plan a green funeral for a loved one, or to pre-plan their own natural funeral. Keep reading to see why green funerals are becoming more popular in NJ and across the world!

Green Funeral Homes Reduce Environmental Impact
When you choose a green funeral home to handle your end of life services, you can reduce the impact on the environment. From chemicals used to preserve remains, to elegant stained wood caskets, to the burial process itself, traditional funeral services aren’t without impact. You can talk with your funeral director on ways to reduce this impact.

Burial or Cremation Your Way
Many people think that cremation is the only way to plan a green funeral, but that could not be further from the truth! In fact, a burial with minimal preparation is a tried-and-true method of returning a loved one’s remains to the earth without much impact on the earth. By burying the remains in a natural, wooden casket, the biological processes of decomposition and renewal can take place.

Earth-Friendly Memorials for Loved Ones
Viewings, services, and memorials are always an option when planning an earth-friendly memorial for your loved one. Our funeral home in Newton is prepared to offer you and your loved ones a peaceful, private location to celebrate the life of the person who has passed.
If you’ve lived your whole life trying to “leave no trace,” a green funeral may be the right choice for you. Call the Iliff Ruggiero Funeral Home in Newton today to discuss your earth-friendly funeral planning.

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