Ask Yourself These Three Questions When Planning a Funeral in New Jersey

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If you’re tasked with planning a funeral in New Jersey, you may find that there is a lot more work to do than you ever imagined. Not only is there a lot of work, you need to make some big decisions—and often in a very short timeframe! If you’re not sure where to start planning a funeral, start by asking yourself these three questions.

1. Would my loved one like a traditional funeral?
One of the first questions to help you plan your funeral services in New Jersey is whether your loved one would have liked a traditional funeral or something different. Did your relative ever make statements like “at my funeral, I would like…”? Does the rest of your family usually hold funerals complete with viewing and memorial services? These time-honored traditions can be very important, not only for the deceased, but for the surviving family members.

2. Would my loved one have chosen burial or cremation services?
Regardless of your funeral, memorial, or remembrance ceremony, the question remains of what will be done with the body. If your loved one has purchased a funeral plot in advance, or has talked lifelong about what they would like to be buried in, you can safely follow these wishes. If not, consider what you know about the deceased. Did they visit cemeteries or crematoriums when they were alive? You can hold a beautiful funeral service regardless of whether you choose burial or cremation services in NJ.

3. Who will write the obituary for my loved one?
Obituaries are a way of letting the community know that someone has died, and sharing the wonderful people and memories they left behind. If you would like to write your own obituary for a loved one, or if the deceased has written their own obit, your funeral director can help you publish it online and in local papers. Your funeral service team can also help to write the obituary, if you would like.

These are just a few questions to get you started on your funeral plans in Newton, NJ. For specific questions and plans, contact the funeral directors at the Iliff-Ruggiero Funeral Home today.

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