What is Burial Insurance, and How Does It Help Your Family Plan A Funeral in NJ?

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Memento mori—remember, mortality; remember you will die. We will all die one day—so should you purchase burial insurance? It’s one thing to know on an existential level that your life will end one day, but it can be another story to start making those plans yourself. Keep reading to find out more about burial insurance, and how it can help you and your family plan a funeral in New Jersey.

Burial Insurance Explained By NJ’s Funeral Home Directors

Burial insurance and funeral insurance are often one and the same; essentially, these policies are insurances you can buy against the cost of your end-of-life services. While this insurance is often called “burial” insurance, most policies cover more than the burial, including the funeral service, casket or urn, the burial itself, and in most cases, cremation as an alternative. You pay a small amount each month, or each year, and upon your death, the promised amount of funds are delivered to your estate to cover your funeral expenses.

Can I Pre-Plan My Own Funeral?

Is burial insurance part of pre-planning a funeral in NJ? It certainly is—in fact, many people who pre-plan their funeral rely on the funds that will be paid out by their burial insurance. Instead of leaving a costly funeral for your family members, you can pre-plan your funeral, including your burial expenses.

How Will Burial Insurance Help My Family Members After I Die?

One of the last gifts you can give your loved ones is a burial insurance plan. Whether your family knows about this plan or not is up to you, but in any case, it will help to offset or completely cover the costs of your funeral services. This not only relieves the financial burden, but helps to end arguments, put limits on spending, and relieve stress.

If you are interested in burial insurance, you can find resources on it in many places. Your regular insurance agent may offer it, you can look online, or you can contact your local funeral home in Newton for suggestions and recommendations.

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