Should You Pre-Arrange Your Funeral Service in New Jersey?

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Aside from taxes, only death is guaranteed. So, should you pre-arrange your funeral service in New Jersey? Many people have been more attuned to their end of life needs in the past few years, and those who are in a stronger financial position than their younger family members often wonder if their loved ones will be able to handle the cost of a funeral in New Jersey. Keep reading to see how pre-arranging your funeral service can make life easier for you and your loved ones.

Pre-Planning Your Funeral in NJ Saves Family Money

For those who keep their family’s best interests in mind, pre-arranging a funeral absolutely makes sense. The last thing your spouse, children, or friends want is a big bill—and they may try to pay those costs anyway, because of how much they care for you! Make it clear that you are retiring in your way, with your budget, and not placing this burden on them when you pre-plan for your funeral and end of life care. This can be a great time to check out your funeral insurance to see what it covers, and check with your local funeral home to see if it’s within your range.

Eliminate Stress When You Pre-Plan Your Burial

Even if your family is rolling in cash, there are many other important concerns that come up during a funeral. Will your loved ones stress out after your death? Would you do anything to make that final time easier for them? Consider pre-planning your burial and funeral services. This doesn’t have to be something you do alone—plan for matching services with your spouse, arrange for services at a family plot, or include your loved ones in advanced planning.

Arrange Your Funeral in Advance and Make it Just How You Want It

Finally, keep in mind that it’s hard to have a say in your own funeral service unless you plan for it! Once the time comes… your time is gone. So if you want something a certain way, get it arranged in advance. Your final resting place, service, and more can be arranged in advance so you have no worries during your final days.

Don’t avoid planning end of life services. Everyone will need to make arrangements for their physical bodies after death, and you can be proactive in planning your funeral service and burial by pre-arranging your funeral. Call the Iliff-Ruggiero Funeral Home today to start planning!

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