Memorial Service

Just because your loved one’s life is over, you never forget them. That’s why memorial services are so popular—celebrate life with family and friends and enjoy a memorial or monument that will last a lifetime at Newton’s best funeral home.

Memorial Service

A memorial service is an opportunity for the loved ones of the deceased to memorialize their lives, without the presence of the body. There could be many reasons why a memorial service is desirable.

One reason could be that a single service, at a single location would not be sufficient to accommodate the needs of the mourners. It may be that the deceased had family and friends that

reside at distant locations from their final resting place.

Death can also be abrupt and loved ones may not be available at a specific day or time, or may not be able to get to the location of the actual funeral by a certain date and time.

Tragically, sometimes a death involves an accident where loved ones are in the hospital for extended periods of time. When those who were too injured to attend the funeral are finally healthy enough, a memorial service can take place.

And equally as tragic, the body of a loved one is not always recovered. We all remember the tragedy of 9/11 and the hundreds of remains that were never found.

Iliff-Ruggiero Funeral Home funeral directors are always available to help you out. The location of a memorial service can be at our funeral home, at a religious institution, at a friend or relatives home or even out in the woods. We can assist you in what you need to help that service precede in a smooth and dignified manner.

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