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When you imagine planning a funeral in Newton, is a long line of slow-moving cars in your mind? If you’ve seen this in the past, you’ve witnessed a funeral procession, a formal process that takes the deceased from the funeral home, where the memorial service is held, to the final resting place at one of NJ’s cemeteries. But how do you go about planning a funeral procession, and when do you need one? Keep reading to find out more.

When Do You Need to Plan a Funeral Procession in Newton?

When you have a funeral or memorial service at one location, and a burial or interment at a cemetery, you’ll need a way to get the deceased and the attendees from one place to another. Many funeral homes in NJ do not have their own cemeteries; we work with local cemeteries to secure the final resting places for our clients. A time-honored tradition is to bring out the hearse and slowly travel from one destination to the other. Not only does this give the family and friends time to mourn, it announces the loss to the community. If your loved one will not be buried or interred at a cemetery, say because their remains have been cremated and spread at sea, you would not have a funeral procession.

Who Gets All the Cars Lined Up For the Funeral Procession?

Always let your funeral director know if you will be having a funeral procession, because they are the ones who plan and organize this. Since funeral directors do this for a living, we know just how to get everyone’s cars staged, and are responsible for leading the funeral procession. We’ll help you communicate with your guests and ensure the ride over is safe and respectful.

Proper Etiquette for Driving in A Funeral Procession in NJ

When driving in a funeral procession in New Jersey, always follow the lead of the funeral home staff. We know how slowly or quickly we need to go, both on residential roads and on highways. We don’t go quite as slowly as a parade, but usually aim for 20-25 miles per hour on local roads. Your goal is simple—stay as close to the vehicle in front of you as possible, and don’t look back! When we drive through busy areas, we coordinate with local law enforcement to make sure that the funeral procession doesn’t get broken up—even through traffic stops. Stay with the party to stay safe!

A funeral procession is a time-honored tradition in mourning. After the loss of a loved one, contact the funeral directors at Iliff Ruggiero Funeral Home to start planning your memorial service, funeral procession and burial in NJ.

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