Know Your Options When Considering Cremation Services in NJ

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Cremation services in New Jersey are quite popular, providing an environmentally-friendly, cost-effective, and respectful means of disposing of the final remains of a loved one after their death. Whether you are considering cremation for a loved one who has passed, or pre-planning your own end of life services, you should know what options you have for cremation in Newton, NJ. Keep reading to see what cremation options are available!

Funeral Service in Dover with Cremation
One of the most popular options at our funeral home in NJ is a funeral service, followed by cremation. You have some options within this category as well, including a full funeral, complete with embalming and showing, or a limited service, where the body is not prepared for viewing, but where family and friends gather to share memories and mourn. Keep in mind that the preservation and viewing services take up quite a bit of time and effort. If you are looking for a more affordable end of life plan, a memorial service without viewing or embalming can save funds.

Direct Cremation Services in NJ
For some families, there is no need for a service. Perhaps you have a small family that would much rather gather in a loved one’s living room, or perhaps you are pre-arranging your own funeral and have few people you are leaving behind. Direct cremation includes only the cremation service, and ashes will be returned to the survivors.

Can I Donate My Body to Science?
Many people love to donate their resources, and donating your body can provide valuable research insight and training for medical students and scientists. These are usually not coordinated directly through funeral homes in NJ, but through the scientific or research organization in your area. However, your local funeral home director may have some resources. After your loved one’s body has been used to improve future medical services, the body will be cremated and ashes returned.

We hope this will give you an idea about the cremation services available at Iliff Ruggiero Funeral Home! If you have specific questions about any of our funeral services, just call and we’ll be happy to help.

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