Should You Hold A Funeral in New Jersey Outside or Inside During Cold Months?

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Winter weather is on its way in New Jersey, which leads to many families calling our funeral home in Newton to ask if they should plan for an indoor or outdoor funeral service. The cold weather can be disruptive to plans, so keep reading to see your options.

How Much of A Funeral Is Inside the Funeral Home?

Does it seem like TV funerals are always focused on the burial? Movies and shows always have the scene of everyone outside, but most of the time that families spend during the funeral service is inside. In fact, the majority of the families we work with in New Jersey spend most of their time at the funeral home, with viewing of the body and the funeral service inside. Our funeral home offers you the option to play memorial videos or slideshows, set up snacks and drinks for attendees, and avoid the elements—most of your time will be spent indoors where the temperature is stable.

Do We Have to Go Outside For the Burial? What About Cremation?

If you are burying a loved one, there will be an outdoor portion—but the time spent on this may vary, and can be limited to close family only. This can be a good choice during poor weather. If your loved one has been cremated, you may not need to go outdoors at all—some families will have a ceremony to inter the ashes, while others will enjoy a funeral service indoors and take the ashes to their chosen destination.

Can I Plan a Funeral in NJ For a Warmer Time of Year?

Many people ask if we can “wait” or “postpone” a funeral. The challenge is often battling with nature. While the weather outside may be hazardous to the living, for those who have died, the natural decomposition process starts quickly. Most funeral homes do not offer long-term storage, or may only do so at an additional cost. Further, depending on the religious or spiritual beliefs of your loved one, a timely burial is customary. In any case, the funeral and memorial service are a part of grief, and one that is best done soon after the person’s passing. We recommend, for logistic and emotional reasons, that your loved one be delivered to their final resting place as soon as possible.

New Jersey weather at a funeral can be a challenge, but our team of experienced funeral directors is here to help. At any time of year, call Iliff-Ruggiero Funeral Home in Newton to plan a funeral.

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