Who Should Help To Plan A Funeral in New Jersey?

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Planning a funeral in New Jersey can be so much work! While it may seem like having a big family and a huge group of friends could be helpful to the funeral planning process, sometimes it can create even more questions. How many people should be involved? Who should “take point”? Who can help with the parts of funeral planning that you don’t know how to do? Keep reading to find tips from Newton’s trusted funeral directors on planning a funeral.

Close Family and Friends Lead the Way for Funeral Plans
Most of the time, those closest to the deceased are the ones taking the lead on funeral plans. This is usually a first-degree relative, such as a spouse, adult child, or parent, but may also involve siblings, grandchildren, or other extended family. For those with small families, best friends and neighbors sometimes step in.

Lean on Acquaintances and In-Laws When Planning a Funeral
While those closest to the deceased are usually making the major decisions, it can be very helpful to lean on the help of acquaintances, in-laws, and others that may not have known the deceased as well. Even though these people may not be at the “center” of this person’s social circle, they provide a vital role: support for the survivors. Handing off administrative tasks, phone calls, and emails to those who are not grieving as deeply can be a good use of resources.

Who Can Help Me With An Obituary in NJ?
For some funeral planning tasks, your funeral director and funeral planning team are wonderful resources. Whether you write an obituary and need help publishing it, or need help writing a short piece to remember your loved one by, funeral directors in NJ have experience.

Pre-Arrange Your Own Funeral
If you’re reading this and thinking about your own end-of-life services, congratulations! Many people today are taking a proactive step for their own funeral and pre-arranging the funeral services. This gives you peace of mind that your wishes will be upheld, and that your family will not be burdened by making and carrying out plans.
No matter who is planning a funeral, things go smoother when you work with the best funeral home in Newton. Call the Iliff-Ruggiero Funeral Home today to start planning a funeral.

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