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As a community elder, you’ve given so much of your life for others! Now seek help for yourself. Browse national resources for seniors, or visit these local New Jersey resources for seniors in Sussex County.

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When death Occurs

What to Do First

There is no doubt that finding a person you love has passed is extremely painful and unsettling. Regardless of your certainty that the person has positively expired, it is important to contact emergency services and allow professionals to become involved. When the death of the person has been pronounced, the deceased can then be transported from the premises for final arrangements.

Death at Home

When a natural death occurs at home, the funeral home should be contacted after a health care professional has had an opportunity to examine the deceased. It will not be necessary to discuss final arrangements at this point. We will assist you in removal of the deceased to our funeral home and plan a time when you can meet with a member of our professional staff to make the final plans.

Death at a Health Institution

At such time as you are informed of the death, that will be time for you to call the funeral home and we will work out the details of removal of the deceased. The health care facility is familiar with the process of caring for the deceased until the person is transported to a funeral home.

Death Requiring Transportation

An often overlooked possibility is that death may occur away from home, perhaps in another state or country. We are always there to help you. It is important to have the location of the deceased and sufficient contact information for removal by the funeral home or their representative. It is an unfortunate aspect, but when a death occurs away from home, particularly out of the country, the cost can be significant. There are insurance companies that are able to protect you from this unforeseen cost. If you think this possibility exists, we can provide you with the necessary information.