Should Children Attend Funeral or Memorial Services in Newton?

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After a loved one dies, family members often head to their local funeral homes. In Newton, the Iliff-Ruggiero Funeral Home has been a place to mourn and memorialize loved ones for many years, but we still get a very common question. Should children attend a funeral or memorial service? Keep reading for insights and considerations on this important topic.

Age Matters When Planning a Funeral in NJ
When choosing who attends a loved one’s funeral in New Jersey, the choice is completely dependent upon your family’s wishes, traditions, and culture. But age is an important factor to take into consideration when planning a funeral in New Jersey. Very small children may not understand the purpose of a funeral service, or even the reality of death, and can be distressed by the mourning and grief around them. Children who are old enough to understand the life cycle, including end of life, and who desire to mourn their loved one often benefit from attending a funeral or memorial service just like adults do.

Memorial Service Vs Burial Service: Which Should Children Attend?
Your loved one’s “funeral” may include a variety of different events. There may be a viewing time when people can see the body of the deceased, there may be a memorial service, and if your loved one is having a traditional funeral in New Jersey, there will be a burial service as well. Which should your child attend? You must take your child’s development and needs into consideration, as well as the needs of the other mourners. If your child does not understand the process of death and burial, it could be very frightening to see a loved one disappear below the ground—on the other hand, if your child is well-versed in your culture, this can provide peace and closure, just like it does for adults. Remember, little kids have little attention spans, so set them up for success with short visits, and always make sure an attentive, responsible adult supervises.The loss of a loved one is difficult at any age, but can be particularly stressful for children. Keep in mind that the youngest of us may show grief in unexpected ways, like irritability, crying, or behavior outbursts. Support your young mourners with patience and compassion, and reach out to the funeral directors at Iliff Ruggiero Funeral Home with any special requests as you plan your funeral.

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