NJ’s Funeral Directors Help You Plan a Burial At Sea

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While many people in New Jersey plan a traditional funeral, our funeral home in Newton gets a lot of questions about an alternative—a burial at sea. If you or your loved one have always loved the water, finding the final resting place there can be of great comfort. Keep reading to see how NJ’s funeral directors can help you plan a burial at sea.

Cremation Services in NJ Prepare for Scattering Ashes

By far, the most popular way to hold a burial at sea is to cremate the body and scatter the ashes into the water. The scattering part is up to the family or friends to handle—often, with the assistance of a charter boat or special memorial boating service. Federal law mandates that ashes be scattered a minimum of three nautical miles from shore, and the EPA must be notified before scattering the ashes. You can also drop ashes from a private chartered plane, but hold onto the urn—you can’t drop objects. Our funeral home will assist in the cremation and coordination as you scatter ashes.

Hold a Memorial or Funeral Service in NJ Before Setting Sail

Before sending your or your loved one’s remains off on their final journey, you can still hold a memorial service. Depending on your needs and desires, this can look a lot like a traditional funeral, with embalming and showing of the body, or it can be a simple memorial and remembrance service. Getting everyone together to mourn and celebrate is an important part of the healing process.

Can A Full Body Be Buried At Sea in NJ?

If you aren’t interested in cremation, can you or your loved one still be buried at sea? Absolutely. This can require some special planning, because there are strict laws on the transportation of the deceased. Most funeral homes in NJ do not provide this service directly, but will be happy to connect you to a local partner who can do it for you. On our end, we can assist with the planning and memorial services, as well as selecting an appropriate coffin or other burial materials that are suitable for a nautical burial. Ready to plan your loved one’s burial at sea, or to pre-arrange your funeral in NJ? Call the Iliff Ruggiero Funeral Home in Newton for guidance and services.

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