Do You Have To Visit A Funeral Home in NJ For A Funeral?

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After a loved one dies, you have many options. Should you have a traditional funeral at a funeral home in New Jersey? Should you opt for a cremation-only service? What if you want to have a funeral, but not at a funeral home? Keep reading to see what limits, laws, and regulations may influence your final decisions.

New Jersey Funeral Laws and Your Plans
New Jersey is one of a few states that has a law regarding who can handle a person’s remains after they die. The state requires that a licensed funeral home director in NJ handle the body and final remains, meaning you will need to have some involvement with a funeral home. There are also various regulations, at the state and local level, on where and how bodies of the deceased can be displayed. There may be waiting periods for burial or cremation, depending on your municipality. The most knowledgeable person to contact with specific questions is the director of your funeral home in NJ.

Can I Bury My Loved One At Home?
While a licensed funeral director must oversee the final disposition of your loved one’s body, the location of that disposition may vary. Once again, this is legal in many parts of New Jersey, but depend on your specific municipality. If you own private property, your chances of being allowed a home burial are much higher.

Can I Host A Home Funeral Service or Memorial Service?
As indicated above, New Jersey law only regulates the disposition of the body. You and your loved ones are free to gather wherever and whenever you would like to memorialize and grieve your loved one, or their ashes if they have been cremated. If you desire to display the body of the deceased in your home, this must be arranged with a licensed funeral director.

Like many regulated legal issues, end-of-life issues have a lot of “it depends” answers. Planning a funeral in New Jersey depends on very specific laws and regulations, which is why you would benefit greatly from working with a licensed funeral director. The team at Iliff-Ruggiero Funeral Home has been helping families in NJ plan funerals and memorial services for decades; let us extend a helping hand to your family in your time of grief.

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