What’s the Difference Between a Traditional and Natural Funeral?

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When planning a funeral in Newton, NJ, you have a lot of options. Should you choose burial services, or cremation? Should you hold a large funeral and invite everyone your loved one knew, or would you prefer a private, family event? For many families who know they want a social funeral for family, friends, and neighbors to attend, the biggest question in the past few decades has been whether to have a traditional funeral or a natural funeral. Keep reading to find out the differences!

Embalming Vs. Natural Preservation for Green Funerals in NJ
The biggest difference between traditional and natural, or green funerals in NJ is that traditional funerals use various chemicals to embalm and preserve the body. These chemicals are carefully managed and controlled, but still have the potential to harm the environment. After embalming, most traditional funerals place the body in a rot-resistant casket, which slowly degrades underground, or even into a concrete vault. None of these things come from nature, and those seeing the most natural, environmentally friendly end of life services may find the idea of natural burial comforting.

Can I Still Have A Viewing Without Embalming?
This is the biggest question we get about our natural funerals in Newton! The answer is yes—but with some caveats. Embalming is a tool to preserve a body for appearance and sanitation. Natural methods, such as cool temperatures and ice, will preserve your loved one’s body for some time, but not indefinitely. Your loved one may not look as “put-together” as someone who has been embalmed and prepared. You can also choose to hold a natural funeral service without a viewing.

Your Loved One’s Natural Funeral Resting Place
Where does your loved one’s body rest during a natural funeral? This depends on your locale, so check with your funeral director. In many cases, the body can be buried in natural, biodegradable materials, such as cotton or linen funeral shrouds, or a plain pine coffin. Some families choose cremation after a natural funeral. Whatever you choose, keep your loved one and your surviving family in mind.

Choosing between a natural and traditional funeral is no easy task. For specific questions about your situation, please call the funeral directors at Iliff-Ruggiero Funeral Home.

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