Consider These Funeral Services When Planning a Funeral in Newton, NJ

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If you’ve said goodbye to a loved one recently, you may not even have had time to process the grief before planning a funeral service in Newton, NJ. Some of our loved ones have taken the planning out of the process by pre-arranging their funeral services, but for most families, this inevitable end comes as a surprise. As you’re planning your funeral service for your loved one, consider these options and what may work best for you and your family.

Traditional Funeral Services in NJ

When most people think of a funeral taking place in Newton, they think of a big, traditional funeral service. This usually involves one or more days of showing of the body, memorial and remembrance services for families, sometimes a religious service, and a burial service where the family can watch as their loved one’s remains are settled into their final resting place. This is a lovely option for people who have large families and want to bring everyone together for remembrance or mourning, but is getting less popular over time as people choose alternatives.

What Can My Family Do If We Don’t Want A Full, Traditional Funeral Service?

For families who have spread out across the nation, who are small, and for those who are not interested in the higher costs of a traditional funeral service, there are many “in-betweens.” Would your loved one have been happier knowing that her loved ones held a memorial and went on vacation to their favorite recreation place? Has your dearly departed friend always leaned more toward cremation? When you work with a full-service, flexible funeral home like the Iliff-Ruggiero Funeral Home, we work with you. From cremation to burial, from memorial services to wakes, we work with your family and friends to make a beautiful remembrance.

Does The Iliff-Ruggiero Funeral Home Offer Green Funeral Services?

One of the most popular funeral services requested in Newton today is the green or natural funeral! As we become more aware of our impact on the earth and climate, the option to reduce impact even after we’ve left the earth becomes more important. From biodegradable containers to ashes, to limiting chemicals used in the final preparation of the body, to renewable materials for caskets and urns, we can make your loved one’s final resting place a little easier on the earth.

When a loved one dies in Newton, you need help planning their final hurrah! Take the stress off of yourself and your family and call the expert funeral directors at Iliff Ruggiero Funeral Home.

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